Front-runners in simulation software in South Africa, Dimension Software Engineering (DSE) are set apart by an ability to create large virtual worlds with realistic terrain that copies real-life geographic zones.

This imaging, which uses Earthworks, a custom-designed, internal terrain SDK, can be linked to any weaponry for simulation purposes and used for impressive aerial imaging for video footage.

Military simulators
DSE produces life-like virtual worlds that map directly to existing military maps and geographic areas - every trig beacon, house, ruin, significant tree, and water tower is in its correct spot. We also link our software to military hardware using innovative strap-on solutions which allow users to do simulator work with their own weaponry. It is a cost-effective, user-friendly, realistic solution which uses existing hardware and infrastructure as far as possible.

Customised simulators
DSE can also customise any of our existing simulators, or design and build bespoke simulators to suit your needs.

Television broadcasts and corporate presentations
Our high quality imaging and video footage has been used in television broadcasts of major South African sporting events, such as the Comrades Marathon, the Two Oceans Marathon and the Dusi River Marathon, as well as documentary features by the award-winning outdoor adventure film makers, The Fresh Air Crew.
The Peace Parks Foundation, a powerful environmental organisation which negotiates and creates trans-border conservation areas, uses our imaging for presentations to prestigious audiences around the globe.